In my Digital Design class, I gained valuable brand identity and design skills. I learned how to focus on certain aspects of a brand to devise a cohesive logo design that incorporates a powerful combination of the brand's features in a unique, memorable and visually appealing manner.

For this branding project, I created various logo designs and layouts in addition to a comprehensive style guide for a fictitious liqueur brand.

ASSIGNMENT: Create a vector logo in illustrator that reflects the prompt of the brand you choose. The information in the prompt should heavily influence the design of your logo.

L'ORANGE is a an orange liqueur in the French triple sec tradition Though the product is made in a French style, it’s actually made from California Valencia oranges and distilled and bottled in Mt. Palomar, CA.  It is a moderately priced orange liqueur ($26 for a 750 ml bottle) targeted at young professionals who are new to cocktails. They’re educated and discerning but don’t necessarily have the income or desire to pay for premium bottles like Grand Marnier or Cointreau ($40 for a 750 ml bottle) since they’re still unfamiliar with many products and trying things out.  Though they’re unwilling to pay for premiums, they still expect “quality,” and products that lend status. They desire a budget friendly product that has the appearance of a luxury item (attainable luxury).

Check out the brand style guide here.