For my senior Advertising Capstone project, I worked in a team of four to develop a full-fledged advertising campaign for American Honda Motor Company. Within my team, I played a leadership role in ensuring all assignments were turned in on time and presented in a cohesive, organized manner. In addition to designing and organizing the presentation decks and final campaign book, I contributed extensively to the areas of industry research, copywriting and editing. This semester-long group project really strengthened my teamwork and project management skills as well as allowed me to gain a big-picture perspective of campaign planning. 

It was an invaluable experience being able to communicate directly with Honda and work with my teammates to develop a cohesive umbrella campaign for the expansive Honda brand.

ASSIGNMENT: Develop a full advertising campaign for April 2017-March 2018.

SITUATION: Our world is getting more competitive, perception of product parity abounds, making brand differentiation more critical than ever, particularly in the automotive category.

CHALLENGE: The majority of people out in the world do not know what Honda stands for, especially the younger generation.

OBJECTIVE: Establish strong emotional connections and differentiate the Honda brand to build greater opinion and consideration for our automobiles.


  • Situation analysis/pre-campaign research
  • Primary & secondary research
  • Campaign goals, objectives & strategies
  • Media objectives, strategies & tactics
  • Creative brief, approach & execution
  • Campaign measurement

final presentation

My group, Lucid Creative, presented our campaign to the American Honda team on December 5, 2016.