Define Your Direction

Define Your Direction is an initiative of the Chickasaw Nation aiming to empower teens and young adults to make positive choices for their futures while standing up against underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.

As a digital marketing strategist at Freestyle, I was tasked with coming up with a social media campaign that highlighted DYD's initiatives in a way that avoided using scare tactics and had the capability of resonating with a younger audience.


  • To inspire teens and young adults to be leaders in their communities and live healthy lifestyles apart from prescription drug and alcohol abuse.

  • To educate teens and young adults about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug abuse and to increase awareness of available resources.

  • To change the perception of alcohol and prescription drug abuse among teens and young adults in Oklahoma communities.


  • "Don't Make Time for Drugs"
  • "Drugs Aren't Worth Your Time"


  • This campaign is all about promoting the many different healthy and positive ways that teens and young adults can spend their time. We hope to motivate young people to forge their own paths and stand up against underage drinking and prescription drug abuse. We hope to inspire young people to spend their time doing things that will enable them to become the best versions of themselves.


I designed campaign graphics that embody the Time-theme and help convey the message that time is precious and drugs are, consequently, a waste of that precious time. #Don'tWasteYourTimeOnDrugs


I designed this set of graphics to accompany the other Time-themed graphics but to highlight a different message.
These visuals are more light-hearted, conveying to the audience all of the activities that would make for good uses of time (healthy alternatives to drug abuse). #TimeWellSpent