My name is Maddie Relyea, commonly and digitally known as @MadsRel.

I'm a digital native and social media enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit.
A creative-thinker, dog-lover and avid Pinner. (No, but seriously—I have 23K pins... #NoShame)

Though Texas-born and bred, I recently graduated from the of the University of Oklahoma ('17) where I studied advertising and psychology. Boomer Sooner!

During my time as a college student, I worked part time as a digital marketing strategist at Freestyle Creative. My consistent work at the agency has been imperative to my growth both personally and professionally. 

I have an eye for detail, an inclination toward innovation and a fervent curiosity for life—everything about it.

I follow the mantra "never stop creating" and aim to implement that philosophy of constantly evolving and creating into my daily life and freelance projects.

I'm extremely passionate about the advertising/marketing industry and seek put my ever-spinning creative wheels to work in helping businesses establish their brand images, create compelling content and tell their brand stories, cultivate connections with consumers, optimize their online presence and increase brand awareness through organic/paid advertising and drive campaign initiatives through strategic planning.